Leadership and Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science

Help us grow the Academy –
Refer a colleague for Certification


As a member of AAEES you are part of a growing number of environmental professionals who have gone the extra mile to become Board Certified. We all have our reasons for putting in the time and effort to achieve this milestone, but there is no doubt that we saw value in gaining Board Certified status. In addition to the personal aspects of becoming certified, many of us also think of it as a responsibility to the community we live and work in, a responsibility that encompasses optimizing the environmental solutions we develop and maximizing the benefits to be derived from our work.

Running parallel to the communities that we serve as environmental engineers and scientists is membership in the virtual and intellectual "community" that is represented by the Academy. The Academy thrives on the passion and professionalism embodied by our members. We are all in charge of building this community by continually identifying and recruiting talented individuals to join us.

That is why we are sending you this note. We need your help in finding the right people and directing them to us so we can begin the certification process with them. Can we ask that you take a few minutes to think about your staff and colleagues in the context of the Academy? Are there people whose body of work, technical expertise, professional demeanor, and energy levels makes them outstanding candidates for certification?

We know they are out there. Now we need you to take the first step by recommending them to us. Tell us who the star players are on your team and we will work to recognize them with the same measure of excellence that you have achieved. We have streamlined the certification process to make it simple, fast and easy. It starts with an on-line application at AAEES.org. We are available to assist with the more detailed follow ups.

The application deadline is at the end of March so now is a good time to have that conversation with the people that you think are both qualified and ready to take the next step in building their career.

The Academy sincerely thanks you for your efforts in growing our community. We would not be able to maintain the level of excellence we have become synonymous for without you and your participation in the Academy and the work it does. If you have any further questions please call or send an e-mail.

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