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City of Los Angeles

1149 South Broadway Street #700

Los Angeles, CA 90015-2213


Scope of Services

LA Sanitation (LASAN) is responsible for the collection and removal of all solid materials and waste in the City of Los Angeles. The City collects an average of 6,652 tons per day of refuse, recyclables, yard trimmings, horse manure and bulky items from more than 750,000 homes. That's an average of 6,652 tons per day.

LA Sanitation (LASAN) is responsible for operating and maintaining one of the world's largest wastewater collection and treatment systems. We proactively maintain over 6,700 miles of sewer lines and 49 pumping plants in addition to four water reclamation plants across the City, which have a combined capacity to treat 580 millions gallons per day (mgd) of wastewater.

The mission of the Watershed Protection Program is to protect the beneficial uses of receiving waters while complying with all flood control and pollution abandonment mandates. The program employs a multi-pronged approach to ensure the City of Los Angeles is in compliance with regulations and reduce the amount of pollution flowing into and through regional waterways.

Board Certified Environmental Engineer(s)

Danishwar, Abdulsamad -- WW

Senior Sanitary Engineer

Durruty, Luis -- WW

Environmental Engineer

Gonzalez, Fernando -- WW

Assistant Division Manager

Hagekhalil, Adel -- WW

Assistant Director, Bureau of Sanitation

Kharaghani, Shahram -- WW

Division Manager Water Projects

Minamide, Traci -- WW

Chief Operating Officer

Walters, Glenn -- WW

Environmental Engineer

Board Certified Environmental Scientist(s)

Dojiri, Masahiro -- EB

Division Manager

Marashi, Shokoufe -- EC

Environmental Specialist

Marchese, Jim -- SR

Assistant Division Manager

Mohamed, Farhana -- EC

WW Treatment Lab Manager

Otim, Ochan -- EC


Pujari, Mahesh -- EC

Laboratory Manager

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