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Orange County Water District

18700 Ward Street

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Scope of Services

The Orange County Water District (the District) was created by the State of California Legislature in 1933 to manage the groundwater basin in Orange County and protect the District's rights to Santa Ana River flow. The groundwater basin is actively managed and provides 75% of the total water demands for its 2.4 million residents. The District built a seawater barrier in the late 1970's along with a recycled water facility, Water Factory 21, which provided water to the barrier to prohibit seawater from contaminating the groundwater basin. The District has subsequently replaced Water Factory 21 with the Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS), a 100 million gallon per day advanced recycled water facility, which provides water to the seawater barrier and to the District's recharge facilities.

Board Certified Environmental Engineer(s)

Markus, Michael -- WW

General Manager

Board Certified Environmental Scientist(s)

Knoell, Tom -- GW

Principal Process Specialist

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