W. Wesley Eckenfelder Graduate Research Award

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This award is given annually to recognize a student whose research contributes to the knowledge pool of industrial wastewater management. The award selection will be based on original, innovative research of publishable quality and other factors as provided below.

Questions may be directed to the Chair of the W. Wesley Eckenfelder Graduate Research Award committee:

Professor James R. Mihelcic
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida
e-mail: jm41@usf.edu; Tel: 813-974-9896

Professor Wesley Eckenfelder, Jr. is considered the "godfather" of industrial wastewater management. He was a great colleague and mentor to numerous practitioners, professors, and students. His prolific contributions to the environmental engineering discipline included writing over thirty books, serving as a principal in several environmental engineering firms, and receiving twenty-eight awards from a wide range of professional societies. In addition, Dr. Eckenfelder was an accomplished professor with a teaching career that included positions at Manhattan College, the University of Texas at Austin, and Vanderbilt University. He was known internationally as an early developer and innovator of biological treatment technology that is now considered a standard skill employed by practicing professionals, worldwide.

Eckenfelder Research Winner

Xia He

2012 W. Wesley Eckenfelder Graduate Research Award Winner: Xia He

Xia He received her Bachelor of Science degree in Water Supply & Drainage Engineering from Xi’an University of Technology in 2004. She then joined the Environmental Science & Engineering Program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where she attended a wastewater control group and got involved in a research project funded by the National Nature Science Foundation of China to study nitrogen removal from wastewater by heterotrophic nitrification. She finished her Master of Science degree in 2007, and joined Dr. de los Reyes’ research group at North Carolina State University in August 2007 to work on her doctoral degree; she studied about fat, oil, and grease (FOG) removal from wastewater by bioaugmentation and FOG deposit formation mechanisms in sewer lines.

Xia He’s research interests encompass projects for wastewater control. Specific areas of research include the novel biological reactor design, nutrients removal from wastewater, dynamics of microbial populations in biological systems, blockages in sewer systems, and energy generation from wastewater.

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