International Honorary Member

One International Honorary Member may be selected each year by the Academy's Board of Trustees by affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of its members. The individual so honored possesses one or more of the following characteristics:

  • has attained a position of eminence in the field of environmental and/or human health protection internationally or in his or her country;
  • has made a single noteworthy contribution or sustained contribution to the advancement of environmental and/or human health protection in a specific area internationally or in his or her country; or
  • has rendered outstanding service over a long period of time resulting in the advancement of environmental and/or human health protection internationally or in his or her country.

For the full list of eligibility criteria and information on how you can submit nominations for a worthy Environmental Engineer or Scientist, click here.

2017 International Honorary Member

International Honorary Winner

Eran Friedler, D.Sc.

Eran Friedler is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He holds his BSc (Agricultural Sciences - Soil and Water) from the Hebrew University and his DSc (Environmental Engineering) from the Technion. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Civil Engineering in Imperial College of Science, London. He worked in a consulting firm performing studies that served as basis for new environmental policies.

Friedler joined the Technion in 2010. From 2014, he served as the Vice Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering. He is also a Visiting Professor at Shantou University, China. He is a member of several national steering committees on environmental regulation, science and education. He was the scientific advisor of a water technicians course in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, organized by IsraAid (Israel forum for international humanitarian aid). He is a member of the Urban Storm Water Harvesting group of the Joint Committee of Urban Drainage of IWA & IAHR, and an Associate Editor of Urban Water Journal.

Friedler devotes his research efforts to conceive, investigate and develop sustainable future urban water regime. He develops new scientific and applied concepts for the establishment of an integrated urban water cycle, where alternative water sources are interlaced with existing urban water/wastewater infrastructure. Among these, his research on greywater reuse puts him among the leading researchers on the subject. He is a co-author of the book Greywater Reuse (CRC Press and IWA Publishing). He has given invited talks on greywater reuse in conferences and invited to international forums of experts.

International Honorary Winner

Marcos von Sperling, Ph.D.

Marcos von Sperling is a civil engineer working in the field of wastewater treatment and water pollution control for about 37 years. He has a PhD in Environmental Engineering (Imperial College London, 1990) and is a Full Professor at the Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Most of his activities are directed to sanitation in developing countries. One of his most widely recognized initiatives was the publication, via International Water Association (IWA) Publishing, of a comprehensive textbook entitled Biological Wastewater Treatment in Warm Climate Regions, which was further split into six different books (also available in Portuguese and Spanish). With these books, he pioneered the initiative within IWA of granting open access to texts of interest for developing countries. He is Editor of the IWA Journal on Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development and was chair of the IWA specialist group on Wastewater Pond Technology.

With the World Health Organization, he collaborated on books and the development and reviewing of guidelines. He is currently involved in the "Global Water Pathogens Project", led by Unesco and Michigan State University. He has also close links with Unesco-IHE (Institute for Water Education), Delft, The Netherlands, where he is a Guest Lecturer.

Within his university he has already been Head of Department, coordinator of undergraduate and graduate courses and supervisor of more than 50 graduate students. He was one of the two founders of the Center for Research and Training on Sanitation, that is probably the most advanced wastewater experimental center in Latin American.

He has already received several academic awards, including IWA Fellow, laurel of merit from the Brazilian Council of Engineers and medal of merit from the Minas Gerais Council of Engineers.

Past Winners

2016 Doong, Ruey-An
2015 Lin, Tsair-Fuh
2014 Espino de la O, Ernesto

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