Environmental Engineer and Scientist®

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Originally founded in 1964 as The Diplomate, the periodical was renamed Environmental Engineer in 1992. With the January 2013 name change to American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, Environmental Engineer was renamed Environmental Engineer and Scientist.

Topics covered include environmental public policy, developments in environmental engineering and science practices, environmental law, certification/licensing, environmental health and safety, personnel issues, ethics practice, engineering and science education, environmental management, historical accounts of environmental engineering and science programs and facilities, and profiles of prominent environmental engineers, environmental scientists, and educators who have made (or are currently making) significant contributions to the advancement of the profession.

In 2007, Applied Research and Practice, was added. The Environmental Engineer and Scientist: Applied Research and Practice (TEESARP) is a peer-reviewed journal focused on practical research and useful case studies related to the multi-disciplinary fields of environmental engineering and science.

Readership of Environmental Engineer and Scientist® represents the elite of environmental engineers, environmental scientists, and educators who are leaders of consulting firms, government agencies, universities, students, and industry in the practice of environmental engineering and science.

Environmental Engineer and Scientist is published and distributed in print and digital formats. In additional to being distributed to the Academy's Board Certified Environmental Engineers, Board Certified Environmental Engineering Members, Board Certified Environmental Scientists, AAEES Members, Students Members and Student Chapters, the publication is also distributed to industry leaders and at leading industry events.

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