2013 Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science™ Awards Competition Winners

The award recipients are listed below. Detailed information on the project categories and awards can be found at: http://www.aaees.org/e3scompetition. Click on the links below to view a full profile of each winning project.

Superior Achievement

Altoona Westerly WWTP Biological Nutrient Removal Upgrade & Expansion
Entrant: Gwin, Dobson & Foreman and Bassett Engineering
Engineer in Charge: Mark Glenn, P.E., BCEE
Location: Altoona, Pennsylvania


Grand Prize

Newtown Creek South Battery Upgrade
Entrant: Greeley and Hansen
Engineer in Charge: Cliff Pomerantz, P.E.
Location: Corona, New York

Honor Award

Secondary Activated Sludge Facility 2 at Plant No. 1
(OCSD P1-102)

Entrant: Black & Veatch Corporation
Engineer in Charge: James H. Clark, P.E.
Location: Fountain Valley, California

Cherry Island Landfill Vertical Expansion Project
Entrant: Geosyntec Consultants
Engineer in Charge: Thomas Ramsey, P.E., BCEE
Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Environmental Sustainability

Grand Prize

Belfair Wastewater and Reclamation Facilities
Entrant: CH2M Hill
Engineer in Charge: Elizabeth Hill, P.E.
Location: Belfair, Washington

Honor Award

HRSD York River Treatment Plant DEMON Sidestream Deammonification
Entrant: HRSD
Engineer in Charge: Charles Bott, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Location: Seaford, Virginia

Industrial Waste Practice

Grand Prize and W. Wesley Eckenfelder Industrial Waste Management Medal Recipient

Florence Recycling Center Stormwater and Wastewater Treatment Facility
Entrant: CDM Smith
Engineer in Charge: Jeffrey A. Mills, P.E., BCEE
Location: Florence, South Carolina


Grand Prize

HaulPass® Automated Debris Management System
Entrant: ARCADIS
Engineer in Charge: John Nocera, P.E., BCEE
Location: Independence, Missouri


Grand Prize

Clearwater Program - Beyond Tunnel Vision
Entrant: Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
Engineer in Charge: Grace Robinson Chan, P.E., BCEE
Location: Whittier, California

Honor Award

Holistic CSO Long-Term Control Plan Update
Entrant: Greeley and Hansen
Engineer in Charge: Federico Maisch, P.E., BCEE
Location: Lynchburg, Virginia


Grand Prize

Unlocking the Mysteries of Mainstream Deammonification - A Paradigm Shift in the Wastewater Industry
Entrant: DC Water, Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD)
Engineer in Charge: Sudhir Murthy, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Location: Washington, DC

Honor Award

Innovative Multi-Component Technology for Effective DNAPL Cleanup at Building 134, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
Entrant: CDM Smith
Engineer in Charge: Lawrence Davidson, P.E., BCEE
Location: San Francisco, California

Small Firms

Grand Prize

Mountain Water & Sanitation District Radionuclide Mitigation Project
Entrant: AquaWorks DBO, Inc.
Engineer in Charge: Adam Sommers, P.E.
Location: Conifer, Colorado

Honor Award

City of Cayce 25.0 MGD Regional WWTP
Entrant: American Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Engineer in Charge: William H. Bingham, Jr., P.E.
Location: Cayce, South Carolina

Small Projects

Grand Prize

Baltimore County Public Schools Water Treatment Program
Entrant: Green and Sustainable Services, LLC
Engineer in Charge: Thomas L. Smith, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Landfill Based Geothermal Heating System
Entrant: CMA Engineers, Inc.
Engineer in Charge: Jeffrey S. Murray, P.E.
Location: Bethlehem, New Hampshire

Honor Award

Onondaga County Save the Rain Water Street Gateway
Entrant: CH2M Hill, New York
Engineer in Charge: Matthew J. Marko, P.E., BCEE
Location: Syracuse, New York

University Research

Grand Prize

Use of Treated Municipal Wastewater as Power Plant Cooling System Makeup Water: Tertiary Treatment versus Expanded Chemical Regimen for Recirculating Water Quality Management
Entrant: Carnegie Mellon University and University of Pittsburgh
Engineer in Charge: David A. Dzombak, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE
Location: Pennsylvania

Determining Atmospheric Plume Opacity Using Low-Cost Digital Still Cameras
Entrant: University of Illinois/ERDC-CERL
Engineer in Charge: Mark J. Rood, Ph.D., BCEEM, and Byung J. Kim, Ph.D.
Location: Urbana, Illinois

Honor Award

Improving Energy Sustainability of Wastewater Treatment by Low DO Nitrification Process
Entrant: Illinois Institute of Technology
Engineer in Charge: Krishna Pagilla, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Stephanie Kunkel, MS
Location: Chicago, Illinois

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