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Environmental Communications Awards Competition

Communicating with the public at large and other constituents can be a complex and challenging issue. Communication and marketing plans must be designed to address the objectives and strategies of the campaign to reach a target audience.

With this in mind, in cooperation with the International Water Association and the PIA Awards, AAEES offered a new area of competition starting in 2012.

The criteria for judging the Environmental Communications Awards:

  • Innovative approach to messaging or branding
  • Future value to the water engineering profession
  • Creativity and clarity in portraying and communicating the messages
  • Effectiveness in delivery and achieving desired outcomes
  • Integrated Design Approach - Narrative and visual elements work together to achieve the communication objectives.

This award is designed to recognize oustanding environmental communication efforts by industry; municipal, state and federal governments; and consulting firms to convey their important environmental messages to the public and other stakeholders.

The winner of this award is automatically qualified to enter the International Water Association’s Project Innovation Award competition for Marketing and Communications-North American Category.


Projects are judged by an independent panel of distinguished experts using a scoring system. Details of the scoring criteria are included in the Entry Guidelines.

Honor Awards are awarded to projects acheiving a judging score within 90% of the Grand Prize winning project.

Grand Prize is awarded to the highest scoring project in each category.

Reservation Form

Entering is easy and the submission process is done entirely online! It starts with simply downloading, completing, and emailing the 2019 EComm Reservation Form to Sammi Olmo. The reservation form acts as an intent to enter the competition. You will then be assigned a personal and secured drop box for electronically submitting your project. Completed entries for the EComm Awards Competition must be uploaded by March 1. You may submit the reservation form at any time, but it is advised that you do so now to ensure that you have sufficient time to review instructions for and test your secured drop box before the March 1 deadline.

2019 Entry Packet

Environmental Communications Awards Reservation Form
Environmental Communications Awards Official Entry Form
Environmental Communications Awards Payment Submittal Form
Environmental Communications Awards Entry Guidelines

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