Volume 34, No. 7 -- July 2018

2018 AAEES Annual Board of Trustees Meeting

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held at Austin Marriott South, Austin, Texas, October 25-26, 2018. President Nolen encourages the BOT to arrive early to attend the tour of the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University on Thursday afternoon, October 25.

The BOT meeting begins at 8:00 a.m. Friday, October 26. The President's Reception and Installation will be held the evening of Thursday, October 25. More details to follow next month.

2019 Election

Unofficial winners in the election of 2019 Officers and Trustees include:

  • James W. Patterson - President-Elect
  • Lilia A. Abron - Vice President
  • James H. Clarke - Trustee-at-Large
  • Richard P. Watson - Trustee-at-Large

Confirmation of their election will take place at the 2018 Annual Meeting. They will be installed October 25, 2018, along with the new Board of Trustees. Their official terms start January 1, 2019.

Leaving the Board December 31 are:

  • Robert C. Williams, Past President;
  • Gordon R. Garner, representing APWA;
  • Kyle E. Schilling, representing ASCE;
  • John E. Tobiason, representing AEESP;
  • Christopher D. Jones, representing NSPE;
  • Robert J. Schoenberger, representing SWANA;
  • Jeanette A. Brown, representing WEF; and
  • David M. Gaddis, Trustee-at-Large.

2019 Committee Appointments

Reminder to Committee Chairs - President-Elect Kris Morico is anxious to receive your recommendations for new committee members and/or chairs to replace those whose terms expire in December 2018. The Academy is seeking volunteers who are interested in helping the Academy through its network of committees. Committee appointments are for three-year terms. Please email your recommendations and letters of interest to "the attention of President-Elect Kris Morico" either via email, at JSOlmo@aaees.org or via postal mail to Academy Headquarters * 147 Old Solomons Island Road * Suite 303 * Annapolis, MD 21401, at your earliest convenience. For a list of committees and committee members, click here.

Committee Chair Reports - Annual Reports are Due September 1st

The Executive Committee requests that each Committee Chair provide a report describing the committee's accomplishments for the year. Other matters the Committee wishes to bring to the Board's attention should also be included in the Committee Report. To obtain a copy of the Committee Report form, go http://www.aaees.org/_downloadcenter/members/ReportForm-Committees.doc.

Sponsoring Organization Reports - Annual Reports are Due September 1st

The Executive Committee requests that each SO Liaison provide a report describing achievements in enhancing relations between the two organizations. Reports are needed by September 1 so they may be reviewed by the Executive Committee. To obtain a copy of the Sponsoring Organization Report form, go to http://www.aaees.org/_downloadcenter/members/ReportForm-SponsoringOrganizations.doc.

Nominations Open for Prestigious AAEES Awards

Who, in your opinion, deserves recognition for their professional achievements? Each year at the Awards Luncheon the Academy honors top environmental engineers and scientists. The individual awards include:

  • Gordon Maskew Fair Award for substantial contributions to the environmental engineering and science profession
  • Edward J. Cleary Award for outstanding management of environmental protection enterprises
  • Stanley E. Kappe Award for outstanding service to the Academy and advancement of public awareness
  • Science Award for sustained contributions to the advancement of environmental science
  • Honorary Member for professional eminence and achievements by environmental practitioners who otherwise may not meet the Academy's criteria for certification
  • International Honorary Member for professional eminence and achievements by non-US-based environmental practitioners who otherwise may not meet the Academy's criteria for certification

Forms for submitting nominations are available at http://www.aaees.org/aaeesawards/criteria.php. Please submit your nominations to Sammi Olmo at JSOlmo@aaees.org no later than August 1, 2018.

It's Simple - Refer a Friend to Apply for Board Certification

Submit a Nomination
  1. Click here for the simple one-page nomination form for Board Certification OR
    Click here for the simple one-page nomination form for Board Certification through Eminence
  2. Complete the form
  3. Click on the Submit This Nomination button on the form
  4. Your default email application will open
  5. Click on the Continue button
  6. Click Send

AAEES on Social Media

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Reap the little-known advantages of social media. It's not too late to start. Try visiting, following, subscribing to, and recommending the Academy on all of its newly updated social media networks. Contribute a valuable discussion to the 1900+ subscribers on LinkedIn, join the conversation on Twitter, check out your Academy's exciting events on Facebook, view the most up to date photos on Flickr, and much more! Give it a whirl! You can access all of the Academy's social media networks through the new shortcuts on the AAEES homepage: http://www.aaees.org/.


The 2018 Recertification Audit is now underway and if you need assistance please contact JDowen@aaees.org.

Membership Corner

You are eligible for Life membership if you are certified 20 years and age 65. You still have to renew each year if you are a Life member. When using the renewal form, please print your name at the top so your renewal can be processed. As always, please contact Joyce Dowen with any questions or to renew over the phone at 410-266-3311.

Staff Summer Hours

Staff summer hours began Memorial Day Weekend. The office closes Fridays at 12:00 p.m. Normal business hours resume following Labor Day Weekend. You may leave a message for any staff person by calling 410-266-3311 and listening for the appropriate extension or send an email. Click here to access the staff directory.

Is Your Marketing Director Signed On?

The Academy is creating a contact list of marketing directors to improve awareness of Academy members and stakeholders and their significant achievements in environmental engineering and science. Ask your marketing director to sign up for information by visiting AAEES.org or clicking on this link.

AAEES Activities

Elevate Your Visibility Today Through The Academy

It's easy and free to host an Academy Workshop or Seminar in your locale. If you would like to learn more, please email Workshops and Seminars Chair Sharon Yin, SYin@ocsd.com, and copy JSOlmo@aaees.org. Be sure to give an approximate date and suggested topic (if any), possible speakers, and possible location. For three easy steps to hosting an event, click here.

October 1, 2018 - AAEES/AEESP Joint Luncheon at WEFTEC. All are invited! New this year, AAEES will be teaming with AEESP for a joint luncheon at the New Orleans Convention Center. Details of the luncheon to follow. Earn one Academy PDH for attending. Click here to register.

October 1 - 3, 2018 - WEFTEC. AAEES will be exhibiting again at Booth 2205 and volunteers for booth duty are welcome. Click here to sign up as an official Academy booth spokesperson or email Sammi at JSOlmo@aaees.org. Not only will you get a chance to promote the Academy, but you will also find yourself making connections that are made possible only through your participation in the booth. Being there adds to your WEFTEC experience. We look forward to your joining the AAEES WEFTEC team!

October 11, 2018 - Environmental Symposium, Cazenovia, New York. This year's topic is Current Challenges and The Future. For information, go to http://www.aaees.org/events.

October 18, 2018 - AAEES Annual West Coast Event at UCLA. This year's topic is In This Era of Climate Uncertainty; Is SoCal Ready to Invest in Sustainable Local Water Resources? Additional information will be posted to http://www.aaees.org/events.

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