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Below is a list of presentations offered at joint workshops during the NJWEA Annual Conference. Unless otherwise noted, all files are available as Portable Document Format (pdf).

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New Jersey 101st Annual Conference
AAEES Workshop on Nutrient Recovery
May 16, 2016

Global Cycles of Nitrogen and Phosphorus - Resources and Leaks
David Vaccari, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Stevens Institute of Technology

Enabling Extractive Nutrient Recovery - a Disruptive Nutrient Management Strategy for a Circular Economy
Sam Jeyanayagam, Ph.D., P.E, BCEE, CH2M Hill

Recovery of Wastewater Nitrogen at Local-Scale: a Feasible Option?
Daniel Smith, Applied Environmental Technology (AET)

The Economics of Phosphorus Recovery at Wastewater Treatment Plants
David Kinnear, HDR

Simultaneous Recovery of Nitrate and Phosphorus with a Hybrid Ion Exchange Process
Chelsey Shepsko, Lehigh University

Towards a Zero Cost - Biorefinery Using a New Nutrient Recovery Model Library and Global Sensitivity Analyses
Celine Vaneeckhaute, Universite Laval, Ghent University SeLow - Sustainable energy Low Waste

Bang for the Buck: Which Interventions Best Conserve Phosphorus Resources?
David A. Vaccari, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Stevens Institute of Technology

Nutrient Recovery from Sewage Sludge Incinerator Ash
Peter Burrowes, P.E., CH2M HILL

Phosphate Recovery from Anaerobic Digester Effluents Using Dolomite Lime
Jie Ge, Stevens Institute of Technology

Industry Update for WASSTRIP on WRRF Nutrient Flows, Digestion and Dewatering of bio-P Sludge
Michael Ditton, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies

Alternative Methods on Struvite Control
Krish Ramalingam, The City College of New York

AAEES/NJWEA Wesley Eckenfelder Memorial Breakfast
May 17, 2016

State-of-the-Art Recovery from Phosphorus from Wastewater
James L. Barnard, Black & Veatch

New Jersey 100th Annual Conference
AAEES Workshop on Water Reuse
May 11, 2015

Water Reuse Trends in the State of Florida
David Ammerman and Will Lovins, AECOM Water

Water Reuse Experience in Southern California
Brian J. Graham, P.E., Director of Technical Assistance, and Donald Distante, P.E., Director of Engineering Master Planning

How to Select Industrial Water Reuse and Energy Management Solutions
Joseph G. Cleary, PE, BCEE, Principal, Geosyntec Consultants

The Practical Side of the Water-Energy Nexus: Water Reuse in Power Plants
Joe Nattress, PE, Lee Tharps, PE, and Jerry Levine
CH2M Hill

Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse That Offsets Potable Water Demand
Michele Braas, Project Manager, RETTEW

Integrated Water Resource Management: Past, Present & Future
Zach F. Gallagher, P.E., LEED AP, Vice President, Natural Systems Utilities

Ferrate(VI) as a New Water Treatment Agent for Wastewater Reuse
Yang Deng (Associate Professor, PhD, PE), Nanzhu Li (PhD candidate), Department of Earth and Environmental Studies, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

What Monitoring Tools do we Need to Ensure the Safety of Direct Potable Reuse?
Channah M. Rock (PI) and Shane A. Snyder (co-PI), University of Arizona; Kati Bell (co-PI), Allegra da Silva, and Jennifer Hooper, CDM Smith; Jeff Mosher, National Water Research Institute

Development of a Legionella Risk Management Strategy
Zia Bukhari, Ph.D., American Water

Purple Pipe Disinfection Challenges and Alternatives for Safe Reuse
Gary M. Lohse, P.E., Regional Sales Manager, Severn Trent Services

Technical Advances in Water Reuse: Groundwater Recharge without Membranes
Anni Luck, P.E., PMP, ENV SP and Ben Stanford, Ph.D., Hazen and Sawyer

Water Reuse and Mixology within the Biopharmaceutical Industry: A Case Study
Patrick Cyr, P.E., BCEE, AECOM

EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse 2012 - The New Guidelines and New Jersey
Paul R. Cabral, P.E., CDM Smith, Allegra K. da Silva, Ph.D., CDM Smith

Advanced Oxidation Processes for Control of Biofouling of RO Membranes
Michele Braas, Project Manager, RETTEW

New Jersey 99th Annual Conference
AAEES Workshop on 100 Years of Activated Sludge
May 12, 2014

Who Invented Activated Sludge?
Daniel Schneider, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Activated Sludge at 100 Years - What's Next?
Joseph G. Cleary, P.E., BCEE, Senior Vice President, HDR

Microbial Ecology of Activated Sludge
Kartik Chandran, Columbia University

Conversion of a Conventional Activated Sludge Facility to EBNR and Effluent Quality that will Surprise
Jane Madden, P.E., BCEE, Senior Vice President, CDM Smith

Advances in Nutrient Removal - Process Updates
Bill McConnell, CDM Smith

Electricity Directly from Wastewater - an Overview of the New Field of Electromicrobiology
Jurek Patoczka, Hatch Mott MacDonald

Start-up and Optimization of Portable, Packaged Wastewater Treatment Units for Drill Sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Vincent Shea, P.E., BCEE, ERM

Complete Mixing Activated Sludge
Dr. Ross McKinney

Opening the Black Box - Improved Process Design and Control with Increased Understanding of the Activated Sludge Ecosystem
Robert M. Cowan, Ph.D., Process Specialist, EnviTreat, LLC, Peter F. Strom, Ph.D., Professor, Rutgers University, and James C. Young, Ph.D., PE, General Manager, EnviTreat, LLC

Nitrogen Removal: The Anammox Process
Krish Ramalingam and John Fillos, The City College of New York, Allen Deur and Keith Beckmann, BWT, NYCEP

Next Generation Molecular Biology Methods for Advancing the Activated Sludge Process
Christopher M. Sales, Assistant Professor, Drexel University

r-RNA Subtracted m-RNA Metatranscriptomics of the Granular Annamox Process
Regina Lamendella, Ph.D., Juniata College

Ardern and Lockett Redux: What They Told Us About Activated Sludge
Brian P. Flynn, P.E., BCEE

The Sludge Age Concept and the Activated Sludge Process: A 45-Year Historical Review
Alonzo W. Lawrence, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Senior Consultant, Corporate Environmental Solutions, and Andrew C. Middleton, Ph.D., P.Eng., BCEE, President, Corporate Environmental Solutions

The Prehistory of the Activated Sludge Process
David A. Vaccari, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, Stevens Institute of Technology

New Jersey 98th Annual Conference
AAEES Workshop on Disaster Recovery
May 13, 2013

Emergency Biosolids Management in the Wake of Super Storm Sandy at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission
Robert G. Montenegro, Business Development Director, Synagro Technologies, and Ed Enright, Process Control Engineer, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission

Emergency Response and Restoration of the Bay Park STP in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy
Michael DeNicola, P.E., Vice President, Hazen & Sawyer, P.C. and Joseph Davenport, Nassau County Department of Public Works

Emergency Response at the Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority During Hurricane Sandy
Robert C. Fischer, Executive Director, Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority

Flood Recovery by the Book (While Writing It)
Bob Wimmer, P.E., Black & Veatch

Flood Recovery (Without an Ark) Derry Township Municipal Authority Clearwater Road WWTP
Wayne A. Schutz, Assistant Manager, Derry Township Municipal Authority

Lessons Learned for Utility Disaster Preparedness: Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Isaac, and Sandy
Adam Faschan, Ph.D., P.E., Associate, CDM Smith, and Christopher M. Munson, P.E., CDM Smith

Natural Disaster Response: Lessons Learned for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Gregory J. Welter, P.E., BCEE, Technical Director, O'Brien & Gere Engineers

The NYHOPS Forecast Model: 3D Hydrodynamics with Floatable and Plume Forecasting Capabilities
Nickitas Georgas, Ph.D., Senior Research Engineer, and Philip Orton, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Stevens Institute of Technology

NYC Wastewater Infrastructure: Response and Recovery from Sandy
Kevin F. Donnelly, P.E., Assistant Commissioner, and Jim Lauria, P.E., New York Department of Environmental Protection

Regional Wastewater Utility Response and Recovery from Hurricane Sandy
Keith B. Marcoon, P.E., Manager, Engineering & Construction, Ocean County Utilities Authority

A Regulatory Primer - Emergency Plans Revisited
Stanley V. Cach, Jr., P.E., D.WRE, BCEE, Manager, Division of Water Quality, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Mitzi Kaiura, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Wastewater System - From Hurricane Katrina to Isaac: Case Study in the Implementation and Performance of Mitigation Measures
Christopher M. Munson, P.E., CDM Smith, and Adam Faschan, Ph.D., P.E., Associate, CDM Smith

Tips for Maximizing Disaster Recovery Funding
Jon Hoyle, President, Thompson Consulting Services

Urban Coastal Flood Risk Assessment: Putting Sandy into Perspective
Phil Orton, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Stevens Institute of Technology

New Jersey 97th Annual Conference
AAEE Workshop on Appalachian Shale Gas
May 14-15, 2012

General Introduction to Shale O&G Development & Environmental Challenges
Hunter Nolen, P.E., BCEE, President, Industrial Services Group, CDM Smith

Well Completion and Hydraulic Fracturing Methodology Explained
Kevin Rice, Baker Hughes Corporation

Protection of Groundwater During Natural Gas Development
David Yoxtheimer, P.G., Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach & Research (M-COR)

Potential Relationships Between Deep Underground Injection of Liquids/Wastes and Earthquakes
William Leith, Ph.D., United States Geological Survey

An Operator’s Perspective on Successful Development of Appalachian Shale O&G (Presentation currently unavailable online.)
Andrew Place, EQT Corporation

Industry Participation in EPA’s Hydraulic Fracturing Study

Chris Hill, Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Natural Gas Development in the Delaware River Basin
Carol Collier, Executive Director, Delaware River Basin Commission

Natural Gas Development and the NYC Water Supply
Kathryn Garcia, Chief Operating Officer, NYC Environmental Protection

Water Treatment Technologies and Key Considerations in Shale O&G Development
Robert Kimball, P.E., BCEE, Technical Director Produced Water Treatment, CDM Smith

New Jersey 96th Annual Conference
AAEE/NJWEA Industrial Waste Preconference Workshop
May 9-10, 2011

DRBC Natural Gas Regulations
Water Management In Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration and Production Session
Bill Muszynski, David Kovach, Eric Engle, Delaware River Basin Commission

EPA's National Enforcement Initiative for Energy Extraction Sector Compliance with Environmental Laws
Andrew Stewart, Branch Chief, Special Litigation and Projects Division, Office of Civil Enforcement, USEPA

The How, Why and Truth About Hydraulic Fracturing
Thomas E. Suhy, P.E., Baker Hughes, Inc.

Key Considerations for Frac Flowback/Produced Water Reuse and Treatment
Bob Kimball, CDM

Marcellus Shale Water Management - An Operator's Viewpoint
Pete Miller, P.E., PMP, Range Resources - Appalachia, LLC

A Review of the Chemical Characteristics of Frac/Flowback/Produced Water
Workshop on Water Management in Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration and Production
Somnath Basu, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, AECOM Asia

Water Management in Unconventional Natural Gas Exploration & Production
An Important and Long-Term Challenge

C. Hunter Nolen, P.E., BCEE, President, Industrial Services Group, CDM

Water Quantity and Quality Regulations Concerning Marcellus Shale Gas Development
AAEE Workshop on Water Management in Marcellus Shale Gas Exploration & Production
R. Timothy Weston, K&L Gates LLP

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