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Cleary Medal

Edward J. Cleary Award

The Cleary Award is given to an individual who is an outstanding performer in the management of environmental protection enterprises conducted under either public or private auspices and has demonstrated exemplary professional conduct, personal leadership, originality in devising new environmental protection techniques, and sensitivity and responsiveness to social, economic, and political factors in environmental protection.

For the full list of eligibility criteria and information on how you can submit nominations for a worthy Environmental Engineer or Environmental Scientist, click here.

Cleary Winner

2021 Edward J. Cleary Award Recipient

Adel H. Hagekhalil, P.E., BCEE

With over 32 years of public service experience in the management of water, environmental and infrastructure programs and initiatives, Adel is an award-winning transformational leader anchored in integration, innovation, and inclusion. Adel is a registered civil engineer with the State of California and a national Board-Certified Environmental Engineer with specialty in water.

Adel was appointed in June 2021 as the General Manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the nation's largest drinking water provider. Adel is responsible for leading Metropolitan's daily and long-term operations and future planning, providing safe and reliable water for 19 million people in six Southern California counties spanning over 5,200-square-mile service area with an annual budget of $1.8 billion, 1,700 employees and 30 facilities.

Previously, Adel was appointed in 2018 by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti as the Executive Director and General Manager of the City of Los Angeles' Bureau of Street Services (StreetsLA). Adel was responsible for managing, maintaining, and upgrading the City's Street network including streets, sidewalks, trees, and bikeways with focus on safety, mobility, and sustainability.

Prior to that, Adel was the Assistant General Manager for the City's Bureau of Sanitation for 10 years where he was responsible for the wastewater collection system management, storm water and watershed protection program, and facilities and integrated water planning. Under his direction, the City prepared an award winning 2040 One Water LA Plan "One Water."

Past Winners

2020 Tata, Prakasam
2019 Schulz, Christopher R.
2018 Pallansch, Karen
2017 Murthy, Sudhir
2016 Lynch, Kira
2015 Shafer, Kevin
2014 Bailey, Walter F.
2013 Vicory, Jr., Alan H.
2012 Malina, Jr., Joseph F.
2011 Lanyon, Richard F.
2010 Maguin, Stephen R.
2009 Bishop, Walter J.
2008 Brown, Jeanette A.
2007 Weaver, Leo
2005 Foxworthy, James E.
2003 Symons, James M.
2001 Stahl, James F.
1999 Hellman, Thomas M.
1997 Vasuki, N.C.
1995 Dalton, Frank
1993 Georgeson, Duane L.
1991 Reilly, William K.
1989 Hair, Jay D.
1987 Heiberg, III, LTG E. R.
1985 Ruckelshaus, William D.
1983 Carroll, William J.
1981 Ling, Joseph T.
1979 Parkhurst, John D.
1977 Haney, Paul D.
1975 Lang, Martin
1973 Baxter, Samuel S.

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