Fair Medal

Gordon Maskew Fair Award

The Gordon Maskew Fair Award honors one of the pioneers of environmental engineering, Dean Fair. In addition to his own exemplary career, his living legacy includes hundreds of prominent practicing engineers and eminent professors who continue to emulate his values. He taught his students not only the technical aspects of the field but inspired them to use their skills to protect and enhance environmental quality.

Through the Fair Award, the Academy seeks to identify Board Certified Environmental Engineers, Members or Scientists who have contributed to the status of the environmental engineering or science professions by:

  • Exemplary professional conduct
  • Recognized achievements in the practice of environmental engineering and science
  • Significant contributions to the control of the quality of the world's environment

For the full list of eligibility criteria and information on how you can submit nominations for a worthy Environmental Engineer or Scientist, click here.

Fair Winner

2019 Gordon Maskew Fair Award Recipient

David A. Dzombak, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, DWRE, NAE

David Dzombak is the Hamerschlag University Professor and Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. The emphasis of his research and teaching is on water quality engineering, water resource sustainability, and energy-environment issues.

He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1986. He also holds an M.S. in Civil Engineering (1981) and a B.S. in Civil Engineering (1980) from Carnegie Mellon, and a B.A. in Mathematics from Saint Vincent College (1980). He is a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, a Board Certified Environmental Engineer, and a Diplomate Water Resources Engineer.

Dr. Dzombak's professional service activity has included the National Academies Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability (2013-present); the National Academies Roundtable on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Development (2015-present); the National Academies Water Science and Technology Board (2014-present); the EPA Science Advisory Board (2002-2016); the DoD Strategic Environmental Research and Development Science Advisory Board (2013-2016); Associate Editor of Environmental Science & Technology (2005-2012); Editorial Board of Water Environment Research (1993-1998) and Ground Water (1991-1993); Board of Directors, AEESP Foundation (2012-2014); Board of Directors, AEESP (1996-1999); and chair of committees for AAEES, ASCE, and the Water Environment Federation. Dr. Dzombak was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2008. Other recognitions include the Jack Edward McKee Medal (2000) and the Harrison Prescott Eddy Medal (1993) from WEF; Distinguished Lecturer Award (2011) and Distinguished Service Award (1999, 2015) from AEESP; and the Simon W. Freese Environmental Engineering Award (2014) and Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prize (1997) from ASCE.

Past Winners

2018 Reinhart, Debra R.
2017 Hickox, Stephen J.
2016 Rittmann, Bruce
2015 Luthy, Richard G.
2014 McCarty, Perry
2013 Lawrence, Alonzo W.
2012 Sproul, Otis J.
2012 Huang, C. P.
2011 Shuval, Hillel I.
2010 Surampalli, Rao Y.
2009 Wilson, Thomas E.
2008 Haug, R. Tim
2007 Stahl, Jim F.
2006 Singer, Philip C.
2005 Marini, Robert C.
2004 Conway, Richard A.
2003 Johnson, Jr., Charles C.
2002 Schad, Theodore M.
2001 Lue-Hing, Cecil
2000 Pohland, Frederick G.
1999 Eckenfelder, W. Wesley
1998 Orlob, Gerald T.
1997 Woodruff, Paul H.
1996 Loehr, Raymond J.
1995 Weber, Jr., Walter J.
1994 Gilbert, Jerome B.
1993 Sorber, Charles A.
1992 Carroll, William J.
1991 Busch, Paul L.
1990 Garrison, Walter E.
1989 Geyer, John C.
1988 Longest, II, Henry L.
1987 Canham, Robert A.
1986 Lagnese, Jr., Joseph F.
1985 Bacon, Vinton W.
1984 Malina, Jr., Joseph F.
1983 Stern, Arthur C.
1982 Gloyna, Earnest F.
1981 Rohlich, Gerard A.
1980 Gibbs, William R.
1979 Lawler, Joseph C.
1978 Kappe, Stanley E.
1977 Weston, Roy F.
1976 Boyce, Earnest
1975 Gilbertson, Wesley E.
1974 Butrico, Frank A.
1973 Ludwig, John H.
1972 Okun, Daniel A.
1971 Coulter, James B.

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