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Honorary Member

One or more Honorary Members may be selected each year by the Academy's Board of Trustees by affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of its members. The individual so honored possesses one or more of the following characteristics:

For the full list of eligibility criteria and information on how you can submit nominations for a worthy Environmental Engineer or Scientist, click here.

Honorary Winner

2020 Honorary Member

Ann Massey

Ann Massey, President of Corporate Development for Wood plc and the former CEO of Environment and Infrastructure Solutions for Wood plc, says her insatiable curiosity led her to study geology; but it was dogged determination that kept her working in that field. As interested as she was in the subject, she says she was ill prepared for the environment she encountered when she graduated and went to work in the oil field in the early 1980's. "It was the first time I realized there was definitely prejudice toward women in the oil field and in business in general. I wanted to help change that not only for myself, but others."

With that dogged determination, Ann has over 30 years of experience in project, program and operations management and business development. She has spent the last 10 years leading a Top 10 global environmental business as the former CEO of MACTEC, President of AmecFW E&I, and most recently CEO of Wood E&I. She believes her success is a result of creating high-performing teams that deliver profitable engineering, consulting and project management services to customers across the globe. Ann maintains a visible active role with several key customers, drives a customer focused culture, and mentors others, especially women in the business.

She is a leader that inspires people by example, and she is unabashed about her enthusiasm for the industry.

Ann has an BS in Geology and an MBA from Tennessee Technological University.

Past Winners

2019 Fair, Gordon Maskew (In Memoriam)
2018 Colwell, Rita Rossi
2017 Hawkins, George
2016 Kirk, Ken
2015 No recipient
2014 Jenkins, David
2013 Sutley, Nancy
2013 Rittmann, Bruce E.
2013 Jackson, Lisa
2012 Van Antwerp, Jr., Robert L.
2011 Randall, Clifford W.
2010 Crombie, George R.
2009 McCarty, Perry
2009 Rouse, Michael
2008 Sekarajasekaran, A. "Sek"
2007 Gunaratnam, Daniel J.
2006 Barnard, James L.
2005 Qingtao, Xie
2004 Lohani, Bindu Nath
2003 Gloyna, Earnest F.
2002 Bath, Vincent
2001 Tambo, Norihito
2000 Imhoff, Klaus R.
1999 Ludwig, Harvey F.
1994 O'Connor, Donald J.
1991 Stern, Arthur C.
1988 Okun, Daniel A.
1983 Wolman, Abel
1982 Kappe, Stanley E.

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