The AAEES Science Award

The AAEES Science Award is given to an individual who is an outstanding performer in the management and implementation of environmental science programs and projects conducted under either public or private auspices and has demonstrated exemplary professional conduct, has distinguished qualities of personal leadership, originality in devising new management techniques for dealing with environmental issues, and sensitivity and responsiveness to the impact of social and political influences on the conduct of environmental programs.

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Science Award Winner

2019 Science Award Recipient

Joseph A. Cotruvo, Ph.D., BCES

Joseph Cotruvo is President of Joseph Cotruvo & Associates, Water, Environment and Public Health Consultants, with a BS in Chemistry from University of Toledo, and PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from Ohio State University. He is Research Professor in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toledo, and on their Green Chemistry and Engineering Science Advisory Board.

He serves on the World Health Organization's Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality Committees and on numerous panels on drinking water quality, desalination, water reuse, Singapore's Water Standards, and potable reuse projects for Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles, California. He was on the Board of Directors of the DC Water and Sewer Authority for 8 years.

At USEPA, he directed the Drinking Water Standards Division, and the Risk Assessment Division. The former developed comprehensive national drinking water regulations and risk assessments for THM disinfection by-products, surface water filtration, and proposed lead and copper rules. He also initiated EPA's Drinking Water Health Advisory Program providing health risk guidance for unregulated contaminants and emergencies.

His work includes: quality specifications and policy for potable water reuse; Legionella in plumbing; point-of-use water treatment technologies; nutritional minerals in drinking water; algal toxins, disinfection by-products; Safe Drinking Water Act regulatory policy, and bromate toxicology.

He has produced numerous WHO monographs on water and health risk. He a technical editor for Journal of the American Water Works Association and has more than 300 publications, presentations and articles on health risk, water quality and regulatory policy.

Past Winners

2018 Burken, Joel Gerard

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