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How to Use the AAEES Center

Logging In

Members in good standing may log in to the new AAEES Center at this web address: If you are not familiar with saving this link in your browser's 'Favorite Pages,' no worries: The AAEES Center Login will be available on the Academy's existing Home Page ( The first time you log in, use your primary email address followed by the code: "Password1" in the Password field. The Center will ask you to create your own password. If you ever forget your code, the system offers a "Forgot Your Password?" function: Just click on that link, enter your primary email address, and you will quickly receive an email containing a no-hassle link for resetting your password.

Once you log in, the site takes you to the inside pages of the interactive Web site. Directly under the AAEES logo, you will see six big, square buttons across the top: AAEES Home, Renew Now!, My Information, Donate, My Transactions, AAEES Center Instructions, and Logout. AAEES Home opens the Academy's traditional Home Page and will not be addressed here; Renew Now! is the link you click to pay your renewal fee. My Information is your private 'personal page.' My Transactions maintains records of new purchases (e.g., applications; sponsorships, membership renewals, event registrations, etc.).

My Information

There are three links directly under your full name: Profile Information, Edit Information, and Change Password. Please review your Profile Information for accuracy. If, for some reason, you do not want your basic profile information published in the online directory, click the box next to 'Do Not Publish Information Online.' I would advise against this. Basic profile information is currently only viewable by members of the Academy. When the directory becomes available to the public, email addresses (and more) will only be viewable by Academy members.

Check All your information

Membership Information: In this area, you will see (but cannot edit) your AAEES designation, followed by your initial date of approval, latest effective date of membership, and your current membership expiration date. If you believe the information is incorrect, contact Susannah Walz via email or phone; 410.266.3311.

Address Information: The AAEES Center provides you with four alternate address fields. Not all fields need be completed, but members are welcome to complete them. At a minimum, make sure your work and home addresses are correct.

Phone & Fax Information: Please review and update telephone and fax information, and consider including your mobile telephone number if you serve on any committees, serve as a volunteer or speaker, or are interested in serving as a volunteer or speaker in the future for ease of contact by the Academy.

Email Address and Personal Website information: It is wise to include an extra email address in the event that others are not working. The Academy will not give away your email information.

Please provide the following additional information is the next heading (in gray color). It includes an opt-in/out button if you wish or do not wish AAEES to include your name and primary postal mailing address in rented lists. Your existing preference should already be indicated. This is followed by all your personal PE information, occupational data, areas of expertise, and fields for up to five college degrees and dates. Just below that is a field where you may add the acronyms of any Sponsoring Organizations of which you are a member. Be sure to put two dashes, a comma-space, or other breaker between each acronym. The final eight fields are where you may list industry awards. They are what will appear in the Who's Who in Environmental Engineering and Science® Directory. Note that the 'date' fields associated with Awards are four-digit years only (e.g., 1997, 2004, etc).

Save Your Updates

Once you have checked and updated your information, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click SAVE! Your records will automatically be updated at the Academy.

My Transactions

This area maintains records of all new payments, purchases such as your paid certification renewal, donations and sponsorships, event registrations, product purchases, and more. It does not include purchases prior to the launch of the AAEES Center. It also indicates whether an order is open (unpaid) or closed (paid). Below that you will see an area titled Downloadable Products. If you purchase a downloadable product from the AAEES Center, a link will appear under Product Name. To access your purchase, simply double click on the product to download it.

Main Features

The AAEES Center has many features.

Shop AAEES is the portal for all purchases including items under donations, events, membership, miscellaneous, and subscriptions. When you explore this area, click on the drop-down list under 'Shop For' and those general categories will appear. Choose one, and click 'GO.' Some categories include more than one page of items. To access the second page, look to the right just above the first item, and it will indicate whether there is more than one page.

My Committees provides you with access to any committees on which you serve including all members on that committee and a handy method for emailing all constituents.

My Professional Development includes your current designation(s) and specialty certification(s). When the Academy begins offering its events through the database, and when such events include PDHs, your education information will be updated automatically. Eventually, the Academy may be able to include non-AAEES events, which will allow you to keep records of your industry activities - a handy tool for maintaining records in relation to your certification and licensing requirements.

My Events keeps a record of all events for which you are registered. Upcoming Events will list all events available for registration including opportunities to volunteer for AAEES Booth duty, Workshops, Seminars, etc.

Committees Leadership will provide members only with names of officers of all committees.

The Individual Directory is the online directory of all members in good standing, including those who do not renew in time to be included in the printed version: Who's Who in Environmental Engineering and Science®. It is searchable by many fields. Check it out.

The Organization Directory is still under development and presently not functional.

The AAEES Career Center is the Academy's existing site for organizations who wish to post positions and for individuals seeking new positions. All listings are accessible to thousands of organizations and companies. It is free for those who are seeking a new position.

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