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Previous Kappe Lecturers

2020 Oerther, Daniel B. Brochure
2019 Love, Nancy G. Brochure
2018 Rood, Mark J. Brochure
2017 Reible, Danny D. Brochure
2016 Murthy, Sudhir Brochure
2015 Banner, Jay Brochure
2014 Neethling, JB Brochure
2013 Tchobanoglous, George Brochure
2012 Novotny, Vladimir Brochure
2011 Patterson, James W. Brochure
2010 Barlaz, Morton A. Brochure
2009 Surampalli, Rao Y. Brochure
2008 Brown, Jeanette A. Brochure
2007 Tekippe, Rudy J. Brochure
2006 Gilbert, Jerome B. Brochure
2005 Vasuki, N.C. Brochure
2004 Logsdon, Gary S.
2003 Lue-Hing, Cecil
2002 Crook, James
2001 Daigger, Glen T.
2000 Eckenfelder, W. Wesley
1999 Trussell, R. Rhodes
1998 Kuchenrither, Richard D.
1997 Albertson, Orris E.
1996 Whitman, Ira L.
1995 Okun, Daniel A.
1994 Ford, Davis L.
1993 Kavanaugh, Michael C.
1992 Touhill, C. Joseph
1991 Carroll, William J.
1990 Busch, Paul L.
1989 Schwartz, Jr., H. Gerard

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