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2021 Officer Election Results

Unofficial winners in the election of 2021 Officers and Trustees include:

  • Daniel B. Oerther - President-Elect
  • David A. Vaccari - Vice President
  • David M. Gaddis - Trustee-at-Large
  • Leslie Lopkee Chau - Trustee-at-Large

Confirmation of their election will take place at the 2020 Annual Meeting. They will be installed October 15, 2020, along with the new Board of Trustees. Their official terms start January 1, 2021.

Leaving the Board December 31 are Merlyn L. Hough, representing AWMA; Fred Ellerbusch, representing APHA; Robert E. Sommerlad, representing ASME; and James D. Fitzgerald, Trustee-at-Large.

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