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AAEES Presents the 2020 Kappe Lecture Series

Kappe Head featuring Dan Oerther

The 2020 Kappe Lecturer is Daniel B. Oerther, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE, BCES.

Professor Daniel B. Oerther is Vice President of AAEES and is renowned for interprofessional education and community based participatory research improving access to clean water and nutritious food worldwide. Dan joined the Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2010 as the John A. and Susan Mathes Endowed Chair of Civil Engineering after ten years on the faculty of the University of Cincinnati. He is an adjunct professor at the Institute of Science and Technology for Advanced Studies and Research (India), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India), University of Western Para (Brazil), Future University (Egypt), and King's College London (United Kingdom).

Dr. Oerther will be visiting university campuses beginning with the 2020 fall semester.

The objective of the Kappe Lecture Series is to share the knowledge of today's practitioners with tomorrow's engineers and scientists.

Dr. Oerther has prepared two lectures: Transprofessional Environmental Wellness: GRoWES – Global Research on WaSH (water, sanitation and hygiene) to Eliminate childhood Stunting and Science Diplomacy: COAST – Caribbean Ocean and Aquaculture Sustainability faciliTy. Abstracts of both lectures are online at He is prepared to present one or both in settings of each university's choosing. Dr. Oerther will also be available for informal meetings with faculty, students, and area professionals.

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