AAEES Student Chapters

The American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists® recognizes and assists environmental engineering or environmental science student associations. The requirements for recognition and support, together with a brief description of the benefits provided below.

The Academy will recognize environmental engineering and environmental science student chapters that:

  • are organized to benefit environmental engineering and environmental science undergraduate and/or graduate students and related engineering and scientific disciplines as determined by the student chapter;
  • are officially recognized (chartered) by the university where the student chapter is located;
  • are operated with the guidance of a faculty advisor; and
  • agree to fulfill the responsibilities prescribed by the Academy.

The Academy will provide student chapters which it recognizes with the following benefits:

  • assignment of an BCEE, BCEEM, or BCES to provide practical assistance to a student chapter;
  • a digital subscription to the Environmental Engineer and Scientist for each student member (paper copies are $10/year)
  • a digital copy of the Environmental Engineering and Science Resource Guidebook for each student member (this is a good job hunting tool);
  • a certificate for the chapter commemorating the Academy's recognition; and
  • assistance from the Academy in building a program of support for the student chapter that includes career guidance, materials and information about current topics in environmental engineering and science, presentations on campus, field trips to working sites, and other benefits and activities that are developed in response to student interest.

If you do not have a Student Chapter at your school or university, you may still become an AAEES Student Member. Click here for more information on AAEES Student Membership.

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