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The AAEES Student Chapter at Ohio University recently held an event that gave them a chance to showcase the value The Academy can bring to environmental engineering and science students. We sent shirts, pens and brochures to support their efforts and the event was a great success. Sarah Maracz, a fifth-year civil engineering student shared her enthusiasm of our program with new students.

Sarah said, "Every year, over 550 university clubs gather in the college green to welcome the years' incoming freshman. This year is unique, but we know the importance of getting involved in extracurriculars. Our chapter of AAEES is adaptable and we are excited to give our members lots of opportunities this year. Freshman and new members are magnetized by our hands on approach to learning, many outreach and leadership opportunities. This year we are looking forward to utilizing the amazing resources of AAEES".

Thank you Sarah! We always love being involved in what our AAEES Student Chapters are excited about. We are happy to support any school events you may have. If you would like brochures, etc., to have available at your next event please reach out to MWaterman at

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