Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee has responsibility for the stewardship of admission and certification eligibility of individuals with training and experience in an engineering discipline.  The Admissions Committee presents to the Board of Trustees candidates that the Admissions Committee judges to meet the requirements for certification.  Jointly, organizational elements, Staff, the Admissions Committee and the Board of Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the process for admission and certification meeting the key purpose of the Academy; certification.  

First Name Last Name Position Status Start Date End Date
Sandra Tripp Chair Active 7/22/10 12/31/24
Jerry Cain Vice Chair Active 7/22/10 12/31/25
David Heiser Vice Chair Active 7/22/10 12/31/23
Andrew Eaton Member of Committee Active 1/11/13 12/31/24
David Kerr Member of Committee Active 7/22/10 12/31/24
Kurt Pennell Member of Committee Active 3/11/15 12/31/23
Louis Storino Member of Committee Active 1/1/20 12/31/25

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