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Geosyntec Consultants is celebrating its 40th anniversary! Geosyntec’s journey began with a vision for technical excellence in geosynthetics and waste containment geotechnics and has evolved into a dynamic, innovative, and diverse company, highly regarded by clients and competitors across a number of markets, including a substantial presence in environmental engineering and science.

This anniversary is a testament to the values that define Geosyntec - passion, innovation, inclusion, collaboration, lifelong learning, health and safety, and sustainability. These values are the cornerstone of Geosyntec’s success, driving them to excel in the diverse projects they undertake and making a positive impact for the communities they serve.

Today, Geosyntec has a combined staff exceeding 2,200 engineers, scientists, and related technical and project support personnel, serving clients from more than 100 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. For more information, visit



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