Service to the Public and the Profession

As a Recognized Authority on Licensure and Specialty Certification

Serving the Public

As with most professions, the interests of the public and individual professions are inextricably intertwined in the delivery of environmental engineering and environmental science services. Quality professionals ensure better conditions for the public. Yet, in an increasingly complex technological world, it is difficult for the lay public to identify those who possess the special expertise required to successfully address specific problems.

The Academy's specialty certification program simplifies this challenge. It establishes the specific environmental engineering expertise of licensed professional engineers, unlicensed engineers, and environmental scientists through peer evaluation and examination. A resume of each person possessing a valid certificate is published annually in Who's Who in Environmental Engineering and Science®.

The Academy counsels hundreds of students and prospective students who are motivated by the environmental ethic and are interested in an environmental engineering or environmental science career. This counseling provides an accurate assessment of the entry requirements and opportunities in the profession and identifies areas of study.

The Academy publishes in-depth reports and books on environmental issues and topics which advance the state of the art of environmental engineering and environmental science practices. Its members and staff regularly consult with government leaders regarding policies affecting environmental quality and the practice of environmental engineering and environmental science.

Serving the Profession

The Academy provides benefits to the environmental engineering and environmental science professions and to environmental engineers and environmental scientists granted specialty certification.

For the Profession


The Academy ensures that appropriate examinations for the environmental engineering and environmental science disciplines are available for licensing of engineers through its assistance to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying.

As a recognized authority on licensure and specialty certification, the Academy counsels state legislatures and federal agencies on the proper application of engineering credentials, thus ensuring that the profession's interests are protected.


The Academy recognizes quality environmental engineering and environmental science practice and informs the public of how it benefits from such practice.

The Academy ensures that quality environmental engineering and environmental science education programs exist to train future engineers by its active participation in the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.


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