Major Partners Committee

The Major Partners Committee (also known as the Patron Sustainability Committee) was established by the Executive Committee in August of 2017. 

Mission: To ensure the long-term support from Patrons, Sponsoring Organizations, Affiliates and Partners. To promote better communication and closer working relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties involved. 

Goals: Frequent communication with key individuals in leadership positions within the Patron, Sponsoring Organizations, Affiliates and Partners (PSOAP). Express the Academy’s appreciation for the support received from the PSOAP. Ensure that the PSOAP’s support of the Academy is evident in Academy publications and at Academy functions. Identify ways specific to each organization by which the Academy can grow its membership.


First Name Last Name Position Status Start Date End Date
Andrew Shaw Trustee WEF Active 1/1/21 12/31/26
Dan Oerther Member and Past President Active 1/1/23 12/31/23
Jeff Greenfield Chair and Vice President Active 1/1/24 12/31/24
Robert Gardner Trustee SWANA Active 1/1/21 12/31/24

Our Partners

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