Membership Development and Outreach Committee

The basic purposes of the Membership Development and Outreach Committee are: 

  • to develop and help implement programs to support the Student Member and Member membership categories, 
  • to establish a presence of Academy student activities in universities where environmental engineering programs and curricula are present, 
  • to grow the Academy membership numbers through an aggressive and continuing effort to increase the Academy membership base by significant and measurable increases in these to membership categories, and 
  • to manage and provide oversight over the growth and development of these two membership categories. 


First Name Last Name Position Status Start Date End Date
Dillon Devitt Member of Committee Active 1/1/22 12/31/24
Cynthia Garcia Member of Committee Active 1/1/21 12/31/26
Jeffrey Greenfield Member and Trustee at Large Active 1/1/21 12/31/26
Jeffrey Hahn Member of Committee Active 6/21/11 12/31/25
Isreal Hodges Member of Committee Active 1/1/21 12/31/26
Pedro Lorenzo Member of Committee Active 1/1/21 12/31/26
Gerald McGowen Member of Committee Active 7/27/12 12/31/26
Joan Oppenheimer Member of Committee Active 1/1/21 12/31/26
Maya Rao Chair Active 12/14/11 12/31/26
Nuggehalli Vasuki Member of Committee Active 1/4/11 12/31/25




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