Recertification Committee

The Recertification Committee shall exercise oversight of the recertification process as provided in the Bylaws and perform all related duties such as: 

  • Defining the professional development criteria which must be met by each Diplomate to qualify for recertification. Reviewing these criteria periodically and recommending necessary changes to the BOT; 
  • Preparing the reporting forms to be used for recertification, reviewing these from time-to- time and recommending changes as needed; 
  • Auditing the professional development data submitted by Diplomates to determine its adequacy for satisfying the Academy’s requirements. The Committee shall annually report to the Board on the effectiveness of the professional development program and recommend any necessary changes; and 
  • Recommending to the BOT the actions to be taken on issues related to the professional development program, such as acceptability of specific technical activities, hardship problems, and the like. Where recertification is not recommended by the Committee and such recommendation approved by the BOT, the Diplomate may appeal by following the revocation procedures


First Name Last Name Position Status Start Date End Date
Robert Matthews Chair Active 01/11/2012 12/31/2025
Luis Leon Member of Committee Active 1/1/2024 12/31/2026
W. Richard Karasiewicz Member of Committee Active  1/1/2020 12/31/2025

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