Government Relations Committee


The purpose of the Government Affairs Committee is to oversee AAEES’ relationship with government officials and stay current on political issues that may affect our members.


The Government Affairs Committee’s vision is to be the gateway to legislative activity and outreach for AAEES. This is accomplished by developing relationships and partnerships between AAEES and other local and national legislators to address issues as they relate to AAEES.


  • Encourage membership in government relations at the local, state and federal levels
    • Coordinate government relations programs that help educate our legislators on the importance of engineering and the impact their proposals may have
    • Develop grassroots activity—AAEES members meeting with their government officials on issues that impact our members
  • Keep membership apprised of legislative issues that will affect their work
  • Stay informed and keep membership aware of issues that may affect their work
  • Keep updated on current legislation
  • Call committee meetings when needed (1-2 per quarter)
    • Convey our members’ interests to our local, county and state government/legislative officials. 
    • Develop the principles to guide all public policy positions and policy negotiations of the association
    • Develop legislative positions for approval by the Board and the ratification of the voting membership of the Association
  • Develop long -range goals and annual initiatives for grassroots advocacy
  • Recommend individuals and review nominations for awards
  • Facilitate focused and effective Committee meetings
  • Participate in developing the Committee’s annual work plan
    • Communicate the public policy positions of the Association in appropriate settings
    • Present an overview of the committee’s work, achievements and plans to the AAEES BOT on a semi-annual basis
    • Actively participate in committee meetings by reviewing materials in advance and contributing to the discussion
  • Present a unified vision of the agreed upon AAEES public policy agenda
    • Be leaders and models for grassroots advocacy efforts in the engineering community
  • Play an active role in communicating with legislators
  • Make regular and ongoing written reports to the BOT and an annual report



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